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How to generate links to Promote Children Learning Reading:

Our Clickbank ID is 1CHILDREAD

1) Your hoplink would look something like this:


Replace the XXXXX with your own affiliate ID.

2) Alternatively, clickbank also has a link configurator that will code your link for you. Click this link to have clickbank auto generate your hoplink for you:

3) If you do not have a Clickbank account yet, you can signup for one for free here:  https://www.clickbank.com/affiliateAccountSignup.htm?key=


Linking to Different Landing Pages

You can use the links below to link to different landing pages of your choice.

Main landing page with no email opt-in: http://CBID.1childread.hop.clickbank.net?pid=index-nopt

Shorter landing page with VSL + Testimonials only:
(Please note: our A/B testing shows that the longer form, default landing page converts slightly better than the testimonials only landing page.)

Link directly to the order page:

Please replace CBID in the links with your Clickbank affiliate ID.